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New Look, New Theme

Well, it was a long time coming. I was updating and working on a new site while reading a book, "Presentation Zen" by Reynolds, Garr. I realized only about 50 pages in that my approach to web design was flawed. While not wrong, my approach wasn't right either. I was designing for search engines and not for the poor users who stumbled across my sites. Presentation Zen would allow me to do both, while not expending all that energy on useless, meaningless content.

So my new design focus is on trying to minimize the primary content on the page's possible distractions, keeping banners contextual and relevant, sidebar content spaced and readable, and images as neat and deliberately placed in the flow as humanly possible to enable easy reading of my site's content.

Sounds easy, but there's still a way to go from here. The new theme courtesy of a base theme given back to the community by RoopleThemes, and my many countless hours spent tweaking the base defaults to remove things like list discs, adding empty space between items, and centering and floating odds and ends to achieve the maximum minimal that my mind is capable of comprehending right now.

However, my mind isn't standing still and I can already see a few areas where I can use some jquery to reduce the clutter even further and increase the information value of my sidebar at the same time.

Anyhow, if you're just visiting our site again for the first time in a long time, welcome back. Three feature implementations that I am working on implementing are "guest feedback", "guest uploads", and "an online booking request form". The first two are fairly simple, the latter more difficult depending on how it is implemented. Our format doesn't allow us to automatically confirm bookings online, but through emails we can and do confirm bookings fairly rapidly.

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